Diamonds & Caviar

- An exclusive collaboration -


UNTOLD is excited to present an exclusive collaboration with Sepideh Sedaghatnia, the charismatic Persian topsommelier based in Antwerp South. UNTOLD partnered with Sepi to create a unique and completely handmade Stingray Leather Bracelet paired with a single Diamond. The Bracelet was inspired by the napkin holder she created for her restaurant, DIVIN by Sepi

This collaboration captures the essence of UNTOLD, celebrating craftsmanship and individuality by creating luxurious and truly personalised pieces of jewelry.

This gem of innovative craftsmanship and design is available in 3 distinct models: Sepi Mini, Sepi Original en Sepi Grande. 

You can choose out of 5 exclusieve colours: Midnight Blue, Coral Red, Petroleum Green, Burgundy Red & Caviar Black.

Apply now for the launch events on 5, 6 and 20 December at DIVIN by Sepi …