Antwerp is known for its visionary fashion sense as well as for its thriving Diamond industry.

UNTOLD's Fashion collection combines these two internationally renowned fields in a surprising and highly innovative way. Diamonds meet designer fashion in this selection of trendy statement Bracelets.

UNTOLD proudly presents its first fashion pieces; the Jules Bracelet and the Sepi Bracelet.

The Jules Bracelet combines the refinement of sensual deer leather with a perfectly matched cognac colored Diamond, mounted in an 18kt red gold frame. Tailor-made, the Jules Bracelet is to be worn confidently as a personal and intimate gesture.

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The Sepi Bracelet, a collaboration with Sepideh Sedaghatnia, was inspired by the handmade napkin holders at Sepi's stylish restaurant in the trendy South of Antwerp. Exclusive Stingray Leather combined with a single Diamond makes the Sepi Bracelet a truly fashionable eye-catcher. 

This gem of innovative craftsmanship and design is available in 3 distinct models: Sepi Mini, Sepi Original en Sepi Grande

You can choose out of 5 exclusieve colours: Midnight Blue, Coral Red, Petroleum Green, Burgundy Red & Caviar Black.

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