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We all have a story that defines our journey in life, capturing the essence of who we are. UNTOLD helps tell these stories by crafting one-of-a-kind pieces of Diamond jewelry. Faithful to Diamonds, we are unwavering in our quest for quality to guide you closely to the optimal choice of your Diamond.


UNTOLD is the personal story of its founders, Ineke Symoens and Stefan Foubert. "Love and passion brought us together, and it fueled our shared vision for UNTOLD. Creating a piece of jewelry is an emotional and exciting journey. We know and honor this process and guarantee to be there every step of the way."


With 24 years of experience in buying and selling Diamonds for and to the most prominent jewelry houses around the globe, Stefan has developed a vast international network and unique insight into the Diamond industry. Having this direct connection and expertise is a unique privilege for UNTOLD customers and enables us to source Diamonds according to clients’ needs and specifications.


Based in Antwerp, the Diamond capital of the world, we only collaborate with the best in the business. Our jewelry passes the hands of several of the leading craftsman in Belgium.


UNTOLD Founders — about Ineke and Stefan

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With a background in Loyalty Marketing Management, Ineke brings a refreshing and creative perspective. Ineke loves to surround herself with beautiful art, architecture, fashion and music. Her passion is cooking, an art she is dedicated to and loves to share with UNTOLD clients.

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With 24 years of experience in the international diamond business, Stefan has a deep understanding of the diamond trade. Having dealt with the world's most prominent jewelry houses, he brings UNTOLD customers unique access to an otherwise hard to approach business.


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